Know the profile of your customer, know the best seller in each of your branches and find the most effective way to sell your products or services.

Social Media

Understand your customers' needs by monitoring what they say in social media, analyzing their feelings and reputation in each post.

ERPs and CRMs

Data integration of various ERPs and CRMs available in the market.


Students’ profile, satisfaction indexes, number of registered students, number of graduates and other pre-computed metrics by institution, course, teacher, state, year, month, etc.

Decision Support Solutions

The specialty of e-Setorial is to transform data into useful information to assist decision-making.

We study and map all the processes involved, delivering complete solutions according to your needs. Including security and registration requirements of management systems based on ISO standards.

From the integration of data from different sources, it is possible to organize, categorize and filter it into a single platform, ensuring the reliability of the decision made.

Workflow SAD

  1. Sources: data extraction from any source.
  2. Collector: responsible for data collection.
  3. Transformation: cleans, denormalizes and pre-calculates the data before load it to the data warehouse. Thus, the analyzes are optimized - having easier, clean and consistent data.
  4. Data Warehouse: analytical databases.
  5. In-memory cache: the most commonly used metrics are read and calculated in advance to ensure a optimized performance.
  6. Metadata layer: capacity of changing the nomenclature of data, in order to facilitate understanding of the decision-making staff.
  7. Visualization: After processed, the data is ready to be consumed. We offer intuitive visual tools that allow the analysis and sharing of information with your team inside the network.
  8. Smart insights to improve your results.


  • Interactive dashboards with concise information.
  • Reliability of information.
  • Timely, accurate, valuable and practice perceptions.
  • Data integration from multiple sources into a single data warehouse.
  • Daily updated data.
  • Agility in the decision-making process.
  • Process simplification and cost reduction.
  • Understand who are your best customers, employees and products.
  • Detailed and easily accessible information.
  • Possibility of integration with pre-existing software.

Interactive Dashboards

Some examples of dashboards and analytic queries.

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