DM and DBA

Document your institution's databases and make use of all their potential, understanding better your business and enabling integration among various systems.

Changing software?

Update or change your institution’s information system safely and swiftly maintaining data integrity.

ERPs and CRMs

Data integration of various ERPs and CRMs available in the market.

Data Migration


With the implement of new technologies and increasing competitiveness, it is expected that all organizations go through a process of evolution of their information systems. Regardless of being motivated by the shortcomings of the current system or by the gains that the new system will bring, the concern of not losing information is unanimous.

It is normal for systems to have different data structures and rules and, because of that, the migration process can be quite laborious and the risk of a restriction that prevents this process from running to the end is very large. This difference requires a high knowledge in the extraction, processing, transportation and load of this information to make the process runs smoothly.

Using the most recent tools, we make migrations between any databases in market.


  • Risk reduction.
  • Agility.
  • Reliability.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Hot Migration - with target system in operation.

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