DM and DBA

Document your institution's databases and make use of all their potential, understanding better your business and enabling integration among various systems.


Assist your development, analysis, testing and business teams supporting your database, maximizing team productivity and software quality, bringing satisfaction to all involved.


Optimizes the performance of databases and SQL or MDX queries, regardless of the programming language used at your organization.

Data Management

Data Management

The quality of the result of any process is closely related to reliability, integrity, integration, conceptualization, documentation, availability, accessibility and security of data, regardless of the platform used.

Thus, data management is responsible for developing and managing centralized strategies, procedures and practices for the management of data resources and applications, including plans for its definition, standardization, organization, protection and use.

So it is up to data management to manage data as a common resource of the company, promoting the values of authenticity, authority, accuracy, accessibility, security and intelligibility.

The database management function is responsible for designing the storage form and to fit the access needs, always keeping in mind the logical data model that incorporates current and future business needs.

Ensure that the entire process occurs effectively is our goal.


  • Obtaining knowledge of the business context.
  • Corporate data modeling.
  • Availability and organized form of data sharing.
  • Basis for flexible, integrated and efficient information systems.
  • Security and integrity.
  • Maximize performance.

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