Know the profile of your customer, know the best seller in each of your branches and find the most effective way to sell your products or services.

Social Media

Understand your customers' needs by monitoring what they say in social media, analyzing their feelings and reputation in each post.

ERPs and CRMs

Data integration of various ERPs and CRMs available in the market.


Students’ profile, satisfaction indexes, number of registered students, number of graduates and other pre-computed metrics by institution, course, teacher, state, year, month, etc.



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SetorialMetrics helps you make smarter decisions based on your data, offering software, analysis, development and hosting of complete business intelligence solutions.

We provide the kinds of deep insights that were formerly accessible only by large companies willing to invest in full time data scientists. With SetorialMetrics, any business can become truly data-driven.

This e-Setorial product is intended to institutions around the world working in Education, Sales and Health Insurance Plans and have the need to make better decisions based on their data without shoulder the responsibility of creating and maintaining highly specialized processes and infrastructure.

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